Masterdisk Presents: Electric Teeth/Ghost Leg

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Masterdisk Presents is a blog series spotlighting some of the incredible artists we work with. Note: Since the release of Meeting My Ghost, the Electric Teeth have become known as Ghost Leg.

I cued up the Meeting My Ghost EP for the first time, at home on a gray Sunday afternoon in late November. It is the most recent release from the Nashville-based band The Electric Teeth/Ghost Leg, a 5-selection record mastered by Drew Cappotto at Masterdisk. I had listened to the band’s previous release, a 10-track album, and maybe that’s why I found the new EP so surprising.

Photo of Electric Teeth aka Ghost Leg in concert

The leaps a band takes from one release to the next speaks volumes about the musicians’ visions, ambitions, and interpersonal development. Too often we see bands releasing monumental debuts, with disappointing follow-ups – the Sophomore Slumps, as they’re known. But on the lucky occasion that we find a group or artist that releases consecutively developmental recordings, that consistently pushes their own creative boundaries, we pay attention. We offer our support by going to their shows and buying their records, and we become invested in the music because we have experienced the musicians’ growth along with them. Like cliffhanger at the end of a chapter, we can’t stop reading – we need to know what happens next.

The Meeting My Ghost EP has a dark and spacey vibe, perfect for a mellow weekend or morning subway ride. Think of Portishead meets Placebo… in a dimly lit dive bar with Joy Division on the stereo. But, despite the group’s identifiable sound, this band cannot really be reduced to easy comparisons, for a simple reason – they are continually developing. It’s easy to hear, when comparing the first LP against this new EP, but even more apparent when speaking with the band’s song-writing duo, Nathan Goodwin and Taylor Lowrance, who have an eye on the future and further experimentation with their sound. Taylor tells us, “Being from Nashville, there aren’t a lot of bands around here that sound like us, and we want to keep it that way… We aren’t interested in being cool, we’re doing exactly what we want.”

So as the first track started, and I settled into my chair, I couldn’t help but feel some excitement. From the top, this EP is nothing like the Electric Teeth’s first album. Sure, you can hear the band’s roots in the winding guitar countermelodies and Taylor’s mournful, gravelly voice, but there’s a sense of depth to Meeting My Ghost that was missing before. A feeling that the band has grown up a bit, figured out who they are, what they want to create, and how to achieve it. You can hear the guys working together, understanding each others’ styles and roles, and building a sound. Twenty-two minutes flies when you let yourself get lost in a record, and this record is easy to get lost in. I opened my eyes, as the last note faded into its own reverb, all I wanted was more. I need to know what happens next!

Thankfully, it seems the wait won’t be long. Taylor and Nathan are hard at work, finishing the writing for a full-length release under their new moniker, Ghost Leg. Taylor tells us, “For this LP, we’re focusing on keeping the songs tight and flowing, with a strong sense of atmosphere.” I suppose I will have to be patient to find out how the story unfolds, but if you haven’t heard Meeting My Ghost yet, you don’t need to wait for anything. The EP is currently streaming at