Countdown to Record Store Day, Part 5: Academy Records and CDs

Academy storefront on 12th Street
Academy Records on 12th Street
If its used CDs or vinyl you’re looking for in NYC, Academy Records is your place. Or rather, it’s your three places — they have locations on 12th Street (all vinyl), 18th Street (CDs with some vinyl and a big classical section), 6th Street in Williamsburg (the very large vinyl annex).

Here’s a little further breakdown of the three Academy zones. Interested in digital? Rock/pop/indie? Jazz, classical, or international? 18th Street is your spot. I like visiting there often because they have high turnover in their bins — so you’re always looking at new titles — and their prices are excellent. Average prices for used CDs range from $4 to $8 a pop, with the emphasis on the lower end of the range. God bless. They have a pretty big “budget” section now too where you’re getting into the $2 to $3 range. You’ll also find tons of very nice classical vinyl, CDs and DVDs (if you’re into that kind of thing), and lots of rubber toy dinosaurs too, for some reason.

For your used and new non-classical vinyl you want the 12th Street spot on the East Side. Lots of jazz, plus a decent rock section, a little metal and prog, disco, soul and smaller bins for soundtracks, lounge and more. They carry a really nice selection of vinyl reissues too, from the latest African comp to classic rock. Plus jazz, audiophile labels, krautrock, brazilian, metal… basically if it’s indie vinyl, they carry it. (And a little bit from the major labels too — like the recent Hendrix reissues on Sony/Legacy.) The guys on 12th Street play good music in the store too — aside from Downtown Music Gallery, Academy on 12th is the place where I find I buy stuff because they’re playing it in the store.

Vinyl bins at Academy 18th Street
The vinyl bins in the front of the shop on 18th Street.
The annex in Williamsburg is sort of like the 12th St. shop on steroids, though the genre distribution is different. Proportionally, they carry more rock, less jazz, and less new stuff; and they have tons of international, disco, and soul. Some classical too, but you really need the 18th St. store if you want high quality there. The place is BIG, and as a result there seems to be less turnover in the larger sections than in the other locations. But there’s a LOT of mass here, so especially if you’ve never been, you’ve got to go.

As far as Record Store Day goes, the 12th Street shop and vinyl Annex are carrying some of the limited edition items — mostly from the indie side of the spectrum, though Ben at the Annex told me they’ve gotten some of the more mainstream stuff too. 18th Street — whose product is 99% used, isn’t carrying the exclusive items, but they’ll be having a celebratory day anyway, with some special stock coming out into the bins and an in-store performance.

Another cool thing about Academy is that they recently started their own reissue label, with a focus on very rare African stuff. They press both vinyl and CD.

For more information, visit their website.

Used vinyl wall at Academy on 12th Street
The used vinyl wall at Academy on 12th Street.
Some of the classical collection at Academy on 18th Street
Classical at Academy on 18th Street

And that concludes my pre-record store day blogging! There were some other stores I wanted to cover like Sound Fix in Brooklyn, which is a really neat store, but I didn’t have enough time. I will, however, be tweeting and blogging from the field tomorrow — so I’ll see you in the shops!