Welcome to The Masterdisk Record

Scott Hull
Scott Hull

Since the early 1970’s many of the world’s most famous music artists have entrusted their music to Masterdisk. We’ve mastered records for Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Prince, U2 and thousands more. Today we work with major label artists like Jay-Z, Spoon and Dave Mathews, independent music of all genres, and international sensations from Greenland to South Africa every day. And now we’re going to tell you all about it.

Welcome to The Masterdisk Record.

We have six mastering rooms in our NYC headquarters. That means there are a lot of very interesting people coming through our doors on a daily basis. Many of them have unique music, ideas, and visions for the music business. We are a community, always concerned, listening and discussing the future of the recording industry. Contrary to how many people currently view things, this is actually a very interesting time to be a recording artist.  I find it ironic that while traditional opportunities are getting scarce, new and very exciting opportunities are on the horizon.

I hope this blog will give you some insight into what we do and what we think about the way the music business is going. And I hope we can shed a little light on what’s coming up next.

We’ll be adding features regularly so bookmark us and come back often!

Scott Hull