Masterdisk at SXSW: Thursday

It was a busy Thursday at SXSW for the Masterdisk crew!

Molly went to the Merge Makes Noise panel with Michael Azerrad, Mac McCaughan & Laura Ballance and heard some stories from their book Our Noise. Next she was off to the Indie Village where she met with Ian Davis from Interdependent Media and Mike Demonte from Prophase. Molly also talked to Andrew Berger of Polyphase (an Alternative/Indie/Rock band from the Republic of Panama) and the musician Arash from the Iranian band TarantisT.

Scott meanwhile was at the Grammy party and met with pop/soul/R&B singer Chloe Temtchine. He mastered her album Up and Coming, which was produced by Dave Margolis.

Scott Hull and Chloe Temtchine
Scott Hull and Chloe Temtchine

Come evening Molly hit a few shows with MD engineer Jeff Reeves. At 9 p.m. at the Copa, they saw the 1001 Nights Orchestra, Austin’s longest running Middle Eastern music group. Then off to The Parish to see singer/songwriter Meiko. Her first album is on MySpace Records/DGC. They finished off the evening with the French/Chilean singer Anita Tijoux at Flamingo Cantina. Her latest album, 1977, will be her first released in the US, this April on Nacional Records.

Erin saw a number of bands as well, including the Cassette Kids, XX (at Mohawks), and what was probably the big show of the night, Stone Temple Pilots at the Austin Music Hall.

Stone Temple Pilots
STP at the Austin Music Hall, SXSW 2010