Mastered for iTunes in the News

NEW: We now have more information about Mastered for iTunes up on our website.

A flurry of news activity was kicked off last week when Apple announced that they created a new Mastered for iTunes section of the iTunes store.

They also announced the release of some tools to make the process of mastering for iTunes less time-consuming for engineers, and therefore — good news for Masterdisk clients — more affordable.

Then Chris Foresman wrote an article for Ars Technica about “Mastered for iTunes” with quotes from Masterdisk Chief Engineer Andy VanDette. The story was picked up by blogs and aggregators and eventually made its way to the New York Times.

Here are a few of the Mastered for iTunes projects completed at Masterdisk: Red Hot Chili Peppers I’m With You, Metallica Beyond Magnetic, Jane’s Addiction The Great Escape Artist, Lou Reed & Metallica Lulu, and the entire Rush catalog from their first album Rush (1974) through A Show of Hands. (The Rush albums are due to be released soon.)

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