The world’s best vinyl mastering.

That’s a big claim, right? “World’s best vinyl mastering?” But we back it up. Vinyl is back in a big way, but here at Masterdisk it never left. We’ve been cutting vinyl since we opened in 1973. We cut our lacquers on our Neumann VMS-82 lathe, using the BMW of cutter heads, the SX-74. It’s one of the most sought after vinyl-cutting systems in the world. And our expert cutting engineers — Alex DeTurk, Scott Hull, Andy VanDette, Mark Santangelo and Tony Dawsey — are unparalleled in their technical knowledge and hands-on experience.

From the classics to the most cutting-edge new music, Masterdisk has the tools, artistry, and experience to bring your vinyl mastering to the level of the all-time classics.

Latest Vinyl News

Birthday Party Bad Seed vinyl mastering at MasterdiskNovember 6, 2013: Alex DeTurk cut the vinyl for the deluxe limited edition of The Birthday Party’s final two EPs, reissued by Drastic Plastic. Reviewed at The Punk Vault.

Don Muro Its Time vinyl mastering at MasterdiskNovember 6, 2013: Don Muro’s “boogie-cum-AM rock-cum-ambient-cum-showtunes” album “It’s Time” has been reissued by Flannelgraph Records and it’s getting great reviews, like this one at FACT magazine. Lacquers cut by Alex DeTurk. Here’s an interview with Don Muro at Aquarium Drunkard.

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