The Masterdisk Neighborhood: Hells Kitchen, NYC

While I’m working on a couple other stories for The Masterdisk Record I thought I’d put up a quick post about Hell’s Kitchen, the neighborhood Masterdisk calls “home”. No, it’s not a very nice name for a neighborhood, but don’t let that fool you — we’re in a pretty cool part of NYC. We’re just a block and a half away from the restaurants and hustle & bustle of the Theater District, and in the other direction we’ve got the Hudson, riverfront parks, and a few… boats.

First, here’s a look at where the two Masterdisk locations are. “A” shows our main location over at 545 W 45th Street, and “B” is the location of Howie Weinberg’s room at 321 West 44th Street. Note, for purposes of some photos below, the spot on the left where it shows the Intrepid, and the dashed line that runs vertically between 10th and 11th Avenues — that’s the West Side Rail Line, which runs under street level.

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Here’s the facade of the 545 W 45th Street location:

Masterdisk HQ
Our studios are actually in the rear of the building, on the 5th Floor.
Masterdisk entrance
The entrance at 545 W 45th Street.
Masterdisk Office
Looking west out of the Masterdisk office windows. Note the ship in the red circle.
Other ship
Here's that ship you could see from the office window -- it's not the Intrepid; it's a ship that was docked here for Fleet Week. This view is from the east side of the West Side Highway.
The Intrepid
And this is the Intrepid. It's rather large.
Across the street and a little east from us are some horse stables.
Bridge Paintings
Further east on 45th Street, but looking west, is this nicely decorated overpass. The West Side Rail Line runs below -- currently used by Amtrak.
west side rail line
The West Side Rail Line. It runs under the streets, and under some buildings too. This is looking south from 45th Street.
One of the panels on the overpass. Hell's Kitchen, presumably.
Lastly, for now, here's the view looking east from 321 W 44th Street. We're right next to Birdland. You can see the Met Life building in the far distance and some theaters in the middle ground.