Masterdisk Parners with PledgeMusic To Make Awesome Stuff

PledgeMusic logoMasterdisk is excited to announce our partnership with the full-service music company PledgeMusic. Pledge works directly with artists and their fans to creatively build artists’ fanbases, fund their projects and help them release new music on their own. With their user-friendly model, Pledge has fused advanced technologies and social media techniques with decades of music business expertise to create the most effective music fundraising tool in the world.

When you join Pledge, you join a network of artists (both signed and unsigned) like Rachael Yamagata, Gang Of Four, Rhett Miller, Juliana Hatfield, The Wellspring, Matthew Mayfield and more – all of whom are getting their new music directly into the hands of their fans.

If you’re a Masterdisk client looking to release a project, Pledge allows you to retain 100 percent of your recording and publishing rights. The experts behind this unprecedented platform will work personally with you to set your funding goal, engage your fans and promote your new music – all without the frustrations of the traditional model.

Most of all, here at Masterdisk we’re excited about working with Pledge artists to come up with cool stuff for fans. For vinyl projects, we could inscribe fan names in the runoff groove. Or we could produce special one-off acetate discs with personalized messages from the artist, extra tracks, alternate mixes, or whatever else! Another idea we had, which Pledge Artist Sydney Wayser has already put into play, is hosting a listening party for fans here at the studio. Believe me, hearing your album played back through one of our systems is a pretty awesome experience.

Of course, all this is in addition to providing the best mastering on the planet. (You can’t accuse me of false modesty!)

So, if you’re a Pledge artist and want to brainstorm with us to find that “just right” offer for your fans, or if you’d like to find out more about Pledge Music, contact me (James) at, and we’ll get started right away.