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Mickie Steier

Decades ago if you’d asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up  -  I don’t think I would ever have thought, let alone in my wildest dreams ever pictured, that the right answer would be “to work alongside an iconic mastering engineer.” : ) (Pinch me, please! … I am awake, right?).  

I was a singing soul from my toddler years. And being raised in the 70’s music world, I am a vinyl lover and sang along with so many classic rock and singer song-writer albums, and musicals, movie soundtracks, all on vinyl. My dad knew I’d be a singer. My Mom thought I should be a teacher. My high school Biology teacher thought I’d make a great nurse because he knew I care so much for others, and helped to take care of my [then] terminally ill Mom, as a teen.

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Well, music won: I took up a Degree in Music Performance, and later raised a wonderful family, have taught voice one on one, I have taught group instruction piano and voice for beginners, have conducted choirs, coached vocal performers in area high school musicals and talent shows, I have written some music for my personal enjoyment and for friends and family, shared inspirational music, sang BGV’s for some amazing worship teams, led conference and retreat  music. Eventually, I got around to recording a few original songs, and one day Scott mentioned his dream to make live to disk recordings, and I wanted to see the that happen, and help if I could! And somehow shortly after I fell into working for Masterdisk.

It’s been an exciting adventure learning to serve one of the best engineers! And, by nature, I’m a people lover; so, getting to hear from Scott’s wonderful clients and helping them get everything their music needs is very fulfilling!! Being part of the team here to help Scott make a huge difference for his artists is nothing short of awesome for me. Please call me or email me anytime with your questions! I want to hear from you–you are always welcome to reach out!!

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