Podcast: Episode 40–What's Wrong With My Mix? featuring KJ of The Oddysy

Experience the process of Masterdisk's Pre-Mastering Mix Evaluation–live!

In this three part series, Scott and KJ take a deep dive into KJ's most recent song, "R U OK." They talk about the issues with the mix, and Scott suggests solutions.

These three episodes will walk you through KJ's mix–from the point when KJ thinks it’s ready for mastering–through mix review and revisions, to the final mastered version.

The audio files referenced in the episodes are available to stream and download below, so you can follow along with the show and hear the differences for yourself. Remember to give the song some love on social media if you dig it!


In episode one, Scott hears the mix for the first time and discusses what he thinks the song needs.

In the second episode, KJ has made some changes, and there is a little twist as KJ ends up having to undo some last minute tweaks.

Finally, in episode three, Scott puts the song through a second round of revisions and there is “almost nothing” left to do in mastering–except finishing touches. He gives the song the final “polish” which puts the mix over the top.

This series showcases the subtle art of mixing and mastering, and how important it is to have a professional guide you through the process.

If you aren't sure that your mix is 100% ready for mastering, or if you're having trouble being objective and noticing issues after listening to your mix 400 times, definitely check out our Pre-Mastering Mix Evaluation service. Scott can provide not only another set of (highly-trained) ears, but he can also coach you through making improvements to your mix. It's an affordable yet invaluable way to elevate your music!


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