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Steve Kirkman

Artist Development

Singer song-writer, sideman, producer. Presiding in the Hudson Valley now after living in Nashville and New York City, Steve enjoys working with fellow musicians on a variety of projects as well as his own continually evolving endeavors.

Steve has shared stage and studio with the following artists: Ritchie Havens, Procal Harum, Marshall Tucker Band, Roger Mcquinn, John Kay and Stephenwolf, Steve Forbert, Bill Miller, Johnny Winter, Jesse Colin Young, Peter Calo, Hope Machine, Alectro, William Sadler, Natalie Forteza, Loretta Lynn, John Cobert, Susan Kane, Kelly Flint, Red Molly, Richard Thompson, Julie Corbalis, The Kennedys, Pete Seeger, Guthries Ghost, Steve Chizmadia, The Accidental Gypsys, and The Axial Theatre. 

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